InboxSDK helps creating extensions for Gmail


Last few years I have done a lot of browser extensions development. Some of the projects require integration with Gmail, with the ability to add new widgets and functions, to get information about the account and email messages.
Because Gmail by default is not extensible by chrome extensions, the only solution was to hack into existing DOM structure. This is not an easy and stable approach, and therefore it is necessary to check regularly if the Gmail DOM structure wasn't changed and update correspondingly the extension code.

Recently a friend introduced to me InboxSDK and I was amazed about it. The SDK takes all the necessary work in creating a new API to integrate with Gmail:

  • Adding buttons and toolbars to compose message window
  • Manage the email addresses in compose window: To, Cc, BCC
  • Catch the events when user views the messages thread
  • Adding new menu items to Gmail toolbar
  • Hook into search autocomplete list
  • and many more...

You can find the library here:

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