Clipboardy Chrome Extension

Clipboardy is a Chrome extension for copying posted code to clipboard from, & It can:

  • Copy the source code to clipboard with just one click
  • Select the source text
  • Collapse the source text
  • Show the history of clipboard usage
  • Configurable toolbar

From now on, you don't have to manually select the text, hit Ctrl+V keys. Or frustrate yourself with touch-pad. It's history. Let Clipboardy do the copying job for you. Install now, it's free

Copy, select, collapse posted source code

When navigating on, and Clipboardy inserts near each posted source a toolbar with Copy, Select and Collapse buttons and in context menu Copy to clipboard.

  • Copy and context menu Copy to clipboard buttons copy to clipboard the corresponding source code text
  • Select button selects the text
  • Collapse button reduces the source code height. The Expand button will restore the text to initial size

Clipboard usage history

Clipboard usage history is useful to explore your latest copies. It is possible to:

  • Browse the latest items that were copied to clipboard
  • Navigate through history using up and down keys
  • Preview the source text with Highlight.js syntax coloring
  • Copy again any item, if the clipboard was accidentally overwritten
  • Clear the history


The extension has several settings to provide individual experience:

  • Select your preference how the toolbar is displayed: always, when hovering source code or do not display
  • Choose the list of buttons you need
  • Configure how the toolbar is positioned: top or right side

Open source software
Clipboardy is open source, the repository is hosted on Github. Bug reports, new ideas and contributing are welcome.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to read the FAQ section or contact me.