Clipboardy Frequently Asked Questions

Why Clipboardy exists and what does it solve?
When using examples from stackoverflow, github or npmjs it's not obviously to copy the code. You have to select the text, and then hit a Ctrl+V: actions that may be skipped if a copy to clipboard functionality would exist. And when copying a big amount of text: it's just not comfortable to select it.
More details can be found in this stackexchange post.
Clipboardy solves this by adding a copy to clipboard button and additional goodies.

What hot keys can be used in clipboard history?
Up and Down to navigate through the list.
End or Page Down to jump to the end of list, Home or Page Up to jump to the beginning.
Hit Enter to copy to clipboard the selected item and numbers from 1 to 9 to copy an item by it's order.
Delete will remove the selected item.
Esc will close the popup.

I don't like the buttons displayed on the page, they're distracting. How can I hide them, but still be able to copy the code?
Open the extension options page and under the section Toolbar Appearance choose the option Do not display.
You can still use the button Copy to clipboard from context menu and it doesn't modify the web page.

What is the exact list of web sites where the extension works?
- All subdomains of,,, and

I found a bug. Where do I report it?
Report an issue or send me a message.

Do you accept donations? How can I contribute?
No, I do not accept donations. This app is a contribution to open source community.
But you can easily contribute by:
- Create PR with fixes and new features
- Star the repository or write a good review in chrome web store
- Just send me a thank you message. I like the positive karma!
- about the extension to let know your friends

I want to be in touch with latest new features and bug fixes
Just follow me on Twitter. I post regular updates and releases on the extension.

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