About me

My name is Dmitri Pavlutin. I'm a Senior Frontend Developer with 10+ years of experience, having a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

Currently, I live in the sunny city of Barcelona (Spain) with my wife and my cat.

My passion is web applications development: programming, design (UI and UX), automated testing, and good application architecture. I'm skilled at JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, including React.js and Vue.js frameworks.

I have good communication skills (being fluent in written and verbal English) and interpersonal skills. I strive to be a humble team player and be approachable to receive and give feedback.

On this blog, I publish regularly posts about Frontend development, mainly about JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, and React.js. Writing helps me sharpen my writing skills and learn a lot along the way.

For any questions or concerns regarding this blog, please send me an email at dmitripavlutin@gmail.com.