Dmitri Pavlutin
I help developers understand JavaScript and React

About me

My name is Dmitri Pavlutin. I’m a software developer specialized in Frontend technologies. You can contact me at

In this blog, I write my thoughts and experience on Frontend development. Subscribe if you are interested in knowing more about JavaScript language analysis, clean code practices, and efficient system design.

Dmitri Pavlutin Seine

The tech stack I’m currently working with is JavaScript, TypeScript, React, CSS. Plus I have experience in native iOS mobile development.

I practice SOLID principles, Test-driven development (TDD), Domain-Driven Design, careful organization of system design in my daily coding challenges.

I maintain an open source JavaScript library From time to time I help fellow developers on Stackoverflow.

If you’d like to discuss with me (about blogging, hiring, conferences, just to say thanks), send me a message to