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Inheritance in JavaScript: Understanding the constructor Property

The `constructor` property is a piece of the inheritance mechanism in JavaScript. Precautions should be taken when creating hierarchies of classes.
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Catch the XMLHttpRequest in Plain JavaScript

Posted January 24, 2016
Explanation and example on how to catch the XMLHttpRequest start and finish events in plain JavaScript. Useful for Chrome extensions development.
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The Magic Behind Array Length Property

Posted January 17, 2016
Everything you need about Array.prototype.length in JavaScript: how to correctly query, modify and avoid potential problems. Lots of code samples.
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The Legend of JavaScript Equality Operator

A great article on how the JavaScript equality and identity operators work. Covered with detailed explanation, computation algorithms and plenty of examples.
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JavaScript Addition Operator in Details

Addition in JavaScript can sum numbers or concatenate strings. How not to get confused? Study the addition algorithm and follow the examples.
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Install Node Like a Boss with nvm

Posted August 29, 2015
The step by step tutorial on how to use nvm script for quick node installation. Allows to install many node versions, with quickly switch between them.
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